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    Mercedes Ener-g-force Concept

    At the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show this week, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a striking new SUV concept said to be capable of packing a...
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    Four-Wheeling in the Snow Safety

    Go Romping in the SnowWith the snow we’ve been getting in the mountains lately, a lot of four-wheelers are itching to fire up their vehicles and go plowing through the white stuff. Whether over Cajon...
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    Fiat Panda, Italian for Monster Truck

    No, this is not some creation from the backwoods of Georgia. Fiat actually partnered with Mercurio Cinematografica to wed a Panda 4x4...
  4. Watch a parrot named Pepper drive his own custom Bird Buggy

    Andrew Gray had a parrot problem: his pet African Grey parrot, Pepper, made a screaming racket when he wasn't around. Either because...
  5. eBay Find of the Day: Andre Agassi's Hemi-powered Jeep Wrangler

    Before retiring in 2006, tennis legend Andre Agassi played big on the court, and, apparently, played really big off road. His heavily...
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    NORRA DIARIES: Secrets of the M1K Rally

    “The biggest misconception about the NORRA M1K Rally is that is a vintage race, and while the race itself is by definition “vintage”, Mike Pearlman’s eye for creativity and innovation lends itself...
  7. It's a hard knock life for a Nürburgring rental car

    I remember reading somewhere that BMW reckon it only takes 1000 laps of the Nürburgring with a professional driver to turn a...
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    Seven days with eight Porsches in Europe

    We come across a lot of dash-cam videos, and while we may have become desensitized to the highway altercations or raceday crashes,...
  9. "Show or Display" rule used to import pair of Skylines into the US... legally

    With this recent news, I wonder what the future holds for those who are looking to legally import Land Rover Defenders.

  10. New Zealand SPCA teaches rescue dogs how to drive a Mini

    No, this isn't an April Fool's joke or some sort of wacky car commercial. It's the SPCA Auckland (located in New Zealand) coming up...
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    Ward's 10 Best Engines of 2013 announced
    Subaru BRZ 2.0L H-4 Boxer

    Ward's 10 Best Engines, the premiere industry honors for car and light truck engines, have been...
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    EV1 Electric Race Car sat down with SRD (Strategic Racing Designs) for a Q&A about the new EV1 electric race car they just finished. Check out the info, pictures and YouTube video showing what this project...
  13. On a slow news day, GM robots wrap some presents.
    It isn't that uncommon for people to pick up second jobs during the holidays to help relieve some of the financial stress, but...
  14. Ken Block Snowkhana stop-motion + Gymkhana San Francisco

    We haven't seen a Ken Block Gymkhana since the infamous Ford Fiesta assaulted the streets of San Francisco over the summer, but Ford...
  15. GM to buy 200 million shares back from US Treasury

    General Motors announced in a press release today that it plans to buy 200 million shares of its own common stock back from the US...
  16. Luc1 Motorsport does advertising right. Again.

    Last year, Luc1 Motorsport rolled out a nine-minute-long video as a way to thank the team's sponsors for their support over the 2011...
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    2012 Jeep Patriot Review

    Seventy years ago, the Jeep Patriot would have been amazing. In 1941, the year the original Jeep was drawn up, the power windows, air...
  18. GM, Peugeot Partnering on Three-Cylinder Engines

    General Motors announced today that it will work with French automaker PSA Peugeot-Citroen to develop a new generation of small...
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    How Carfax locks up car history

    West-Herr Automotive Group of Blasdell, N.Y., believes vehicle history reports sell used vehicles. It chooses Carfax Inc. reports...
  20. Jeep Turning to Fiat Platforms for Three Future Models

    Jeep plans to increase its stable of models from four to at least six by 2016, with three of those future Jeep models built on...
  21. Red Bull Racing looks back on its young but impressive history

    It's been said that Red Bull is a marketing company that happens to sell energy drinks, and it's an argument that is not without...
  22. A list of 4,000ft+ mountains in New Hampshire

    In alphabetical order by mountain name (North/South/etc disregarded):

    Adams......................5774 ft
    Bond.........................4698 ft
    West Bond.................4540 ft...
  23. What’s the Best All-Wheel-Drive System for You?

    More and more automakers are offering all-wheel-drive than in the past. This extra choice is great news for consumers but it can lead...
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    A list of "Little" mountains in NH.

    These are great for small hikes and this is by no means a comprehensive list.

    Bald - Artist's Bluff..........2340
    Bald Knob......................1801
    Belknap - Gunstock........2384
  25. A list of 3,000-4,000ft mountains in New Hampshire

    This list is in order by height (highest to lowest).
    I do not believe this is a complete list, but I do believe that these are all of the mountains in this height range that have trails on them.
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