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Conversation Between Rubicon and commanchetruck

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  1. Yeah, 30 is pretty high. I've never seen that. 20 psi is going to hurt you, if you over inflate your tires you can get better mileage. I know that it's bad for the tires, but I didn't care. Also, I have 2 snow tires on ranger rims from my ranger that I am trading to the dealership. I paid 220 each a couple years ago, and they have only seen about 2k miles. If you wanted them I would give them to you crazy cheap. Lemme know.
  2. Oh, okay.
    People were telling me 30mpg and that's what I was expecting but I am "only" getting 23-25mpg's with deflated to 20psi(to counter the previous owners wear in the center) 215/70R14 rear tires and 1-215/75R14 1-225/70R14(previous owner) 35psi front tires--so I am right in the ballpark ;) but I do have a stripped 2WD XL--standard cab, short box, manual transmission, no AC, no power anything(including power steering), and vinyl floors, so I was hoping for more ;)
    I bought a couple 195/70R14's and am looking for two more to hopefully boost the mpg's by lowering it and letting the motor work easier. What do you think?
    Thanks man :)
  3. With my summer tires inflated to 40 psi going 70 on the highway I got 26 all day. Going 80 it drops to about 22.
  4. Hey Craig, quick question. What does your Ranger get for fuel mileage?
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