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Conversation Between Rubicon and 97xjowner

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  1. Sorry to hear that Matt :(
  2. Ok cool..turns out the guy that had a 95 XJ up for trade doesn't want a Subaru for trade..
  3. Hi Matt,
    '87-'95 should fit but rear axle and transmission would matter for length. Transfer case I don't think matters, but don't quote me on that one.
  4. do you know off hand what other model Jeeps share the same rear drive shafts as a 95 XJ.does rear axle/ transfer case matter ? (as far as fitment)
  5. Merry Christmas to you too Shawn..Have a fun and safe one..
  6. Merry Christmas Matt
  7. finally got to installing them.
  8. haven't even had a chance to crawl underneath..was busy yesterday helping a friend put on tow hitch on his XJ..(should really read instructions on those universal tow hitches,also didn't help that he didn't bring out ALL the mounting hardware) and also fixed his rear hatch too was busy one.if it's nice tomorrow,gonna go ahead and give it a try..
  9. Shawn,this is the front bumper i was talking about that morning i picked up the tow hooks..
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