Local Spotlight

    Throwback is a small, inspired brewery dedicated to crafting delicious, farm-fresh beers from local ingredients. Our vision at Throwback is to acquire 100% of our ingredients (such as hops, wheat, barley, fruit, and spices) from within 200 miles of the brewery. Currently, we are about 70 to 90% of the way there (depending on the beer) – which is really unique for the industry and something we are quite proud of.

    Crafting beer from what is around us isn’t a new idea. Many breweries in the pre-prohibition era sourced their raw ingredients locally and then processed them before brewing. To that end, our brewery is really a throwback to the past. We strive to make small batches of high quality, artisanal beer from the freshest of local ingredients, with the intent that these beers be enjoyed by our surrounding communities.

    While the name Throwback really represents our nod to the past, it also has a second meaning, which is throwing back a beer with friends and celebrating the good times. Since our beers are very approachable and easy to ‘throwback’, we think our name does a great job capturing the spirit of our brewery!

    Finally, Throwback seeks to conduct business in ways that are healthier for the environment:

    • All of our spent grain is used by local farmers as feed for their livestock.
    • We encourage our customers to purchase our reusable growlers and to recycle our bottles.
    • We save the water used to cool the hopped wort for brewing the next day.

    The Brewery:

    Rather than buying a brand new brewing systems or even a complete used brewing system, we decided to put build our own “Franken-brewery” from tanks we discovered in Massachusetts and Maine. We used a Maine-based welder to help fabricate the system and retro-fit some of the tanks. Yes, our “baby” is a bit ugly, but no one seems to mind once they taste what comes out of it!

    In the microbrewing world, we are considered nano-sized, producing batches of about 3 barrels (or 93 gallons) each time we brew.

    Throwback beer is hand-bottled. We also don’t filter the beer, which we thinks helps give our beers multiple levels of flavor.


    Annette Lee
    Co-Founder & Head Brewer

    Annette is the Head Brewer, Chief-Optimist and certified MIT card-carrying engineer (which every good brewery needs!). Annette spent close to 20 years working as an environmental engineer before making the jump to a small brewery owner. Annette started crafting her brewing skills over a decade ago when she borrowed a few buckets from a friend, bought the necessary ingredients, and started to homebrew. It didn’t take long for Annette to get hooked, and for friends and family to start bugging her for beer! In 2007, Annette started taking brewing courses from the renowned Siebel institute in Chicago. In 2008, she completed Siebel’s World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology, while also doing an internship at Smuttynose Brewery. In mid-2010, Annette started pursuing her dreams full-time, launching Throwback Brewery. Annette is a tireless worker, an amazing brewer, one of the smartest women you will ever meet, and truly passionate about our vision!

    Nicole Carrier

    Nicole is our Marketing Guru, Chief Realist, and card-carrying M.B.A, handling marketing, social media, technology, and most of the business stuff. Before starting Throwback Brewery, Nicole homebrewed for over 10 years, but now mostly dreams up new recipes for Annette and team to expertly craft. Besides recipe development, Nicole’s favorite aspect of owning a brewery is getting to meet and interact with all of the amazing people in the community- from the farmers, to the chefs, to the fellow brewers, and, of course,Throwback’s amazing customers. Nicole also enjoys spreading the love of craft beer to more and more people – especially when she can get someone who didn’t think they liked dark beer to say ‘oh, I like it!’. Nicole has a B.A. from Dartmouth College in Economics and Math, and an M.B.A. from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.

    Featured Truck

    1986 Land Rover Defender 110 with a 200tdi built for international adventure!

    This 1986 Defender was built up for a trip to Colombia. Many months of planning and pre went into the vehicle and every product was chosen carefully. The vehicle itself was chosen because of it's proven track record and because there is no denying the completely irrational draw to the British workhorse that it is. This 1986 Land Rover is a three door model with a 200tdi diesel power plant. The 3 door model was perfect because it provided a better layout for cabinetry and long term provisions to be installed in the rear of the vehicle. The 200tdi is a perfect match for a trip like this because...well...because diesel! Do we need another reason? The turbocharged mill doesn't pump out a lot of power but it is absolutely reliable and will run on pretty much anything you dump into the tank.

    The truck was outfitted with plenty of cabinet space in the rear and a roof top tent for overnight camping. An OME 2" lift was chosen for the ride quality, extensive engineering, and worldwide support of ARB products. Easily installed and serviced anywhere in the world and simple in design, it proved to be a perfect choice for the loaded Defender. Even loaded to the max the truck handled better than stock and flexed out very well off road, stuffing the 33" Treadwright Guard Dog tires with ease. The Treadwright tires lived up to their reputation as a long lasting, durable, choice. After 20,000 miles of the worst conditions a tire could be put through, they still looked new. They were aired down to below 10psi for entire days and were driven at 18psi for 48 hours straight in 109 degree temperatures, with a loaded truck! The Edgestar fridge was an amazing addition that allowed for cold Gatorades and plenty of Monster energy drinks throughout the trip. I suppose it also held sandwich supplies and other food but mostly it was filled with Monsters.

    The truck was 100% mechanically restored before leaving but that didn't stop all of the problems. The rebuilt transmission gave up in Nicaragua and was rebuilt again. After dropping all but third gear and driving through Costa Rica non-stop using only hi and low range 3rd gear a new transmission was shipped into Panama from Ashcroft in the UK. I've bought entire cars for less than the cost of that incident, but such is life. The trip must continue! Some attention should have been paid to the rear door as it became all but unusable by the time we left Panama. The door was held on with a ratchet strap and a tennis ball. All access to the rear was through the cab. The truck made it through everything thrown at it and I would build it largely the same way again if I had the chance. I urge everyone to take a trip down through Central and South America if presented the opportunity. Safe travels!