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    Most of our events are planned fairly close to the run date. Due to the ever changing nature of the trails, people's schedules, and vehicle readiness, only our biggest runs are planned more than a couple weeks ahead of time. During the offroad season (typically June 1st - first snowfall) we have runs organized by staff and members every weekend and some weekdays. Check the Trip Planning Forum frequently for upcoming trips in your area. The events that are listed here are bigger trips and require significant pre-planning. These trips typically fill up fast so the sooner you sign up, the better.

    Be sure to check the vehicle requirements for the event that you are interested in. Most of our longer trips are suitable for all offroad oriented vehicles that have a true Low Range 4x4. If you aren't sure if your vehicle has a low range, contact us with your vehicle year, make, and model and we will let you know if it is suitable for the event in question. Make sure that you have all of our Minimum Required Equipment before committing to an event. The Minimum Equipment Requirements are strictly enforced for these runs. It is also highly recommended that you hold full coverage vehicle insurance on the day(s) of the run. While we do everything in our power to keep things safe and vehicles damage free and the risk of damage is very low on our stock vehicle events, accidents do happen. The terrain is often unpredictable and a couple of inches one way or the other could determine an easy drive or denting a body panel on a tree or rock. There are inherent risks associated with driving offroad. If you do not accept or are not aware of these risks, please contact us before committing to an event. With that said, relax and enjoy the ride!

    How To Join A Run:

    Most of our runs are free. In this case, simply register on the forum (for free) and post in the thread for the run that you are interested in joining. That is it! The run leader will post information in the thread or send a private message to attendees on where and when to meet and any important information about the day, like where the nearest gas station is, whether or not to bring lunch, and what to expect for the day. For a paid run, simply click the "Pay Now" button included in the first post of the run information page. Further trip information will be emailed to the email address that was included with your payment. If any of this is too complicated, just drop us a note and we will find a way to get you signed up. :)

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    Sold Out!

    Trans New Hampshire Expedition 2014 - 4 Days

    OCT 16-19, 2014 (NEW HAMPSHIRE) Take a journey on the back roads and offroad trails of New Hampshire as we traverse the state from Canada to the 13 miles of rocky New Hampshire coastline. Explore the small towns and hidden gems of New Hampshire while soaking in 500 miles of classic New Hampshire scenery in peak foliage season. Nights will be cold and amenities will be non-existent. Bring your tent heater or sleep in your vehicle while we spend 4 days living out of our vehicles on the best roads and trails that New Hampshire has to offer. Suitable for all vehicle and driver skill levels. More >>>


    Freeze Your Gas Off V - Single Day

    DEC 6, 2014 (Weare, NH) Bring a new, unwrapped toy as your admission to this run to benefit Toys For Tots. Spend a day wheeling some of New Hampshire's best trails but don't get too confident; Everything is covered in snow and ice! The ever unpredictable conditions require that you be prepared for anything. Easy trails could become extremely difficult with ice and snow. From stock to moderate there is a group for you! Don't forget that toy! All donations will be delivered to Toys For Tots on the day of the run. Meet up with everyone at the end of the day for dinner at a local restaurant. More >>>

    Tour Of New England - 7 Days

    OPEN (NEW ENGLAND) The Tour Of New England covers nearly 1500 miles in 7 days of back country exploring. This incredible exploration will take us through all 6 New England states where history runs deep. From the very remote and isolated Canadian border in Northern Maine to the big city of Boston, an experienced guide will lead you on a journey that will not soon be forgotten. Bring your stove and sleeping bag on the history lesson of a lifetime! Contact Us To Reserve Your Date >>>


    North Maine Woods - 7 Days

    OPEN (Northern Maine) Strap on your adventure boots and get ready to search for a couple of lost trains. We will spend 7 days in Northern Maine trying to locate the lost trains, a B-52 crash site, amazing swimming holes, waterfalls, and scenic hikes. Not for the faint of heart; this trip will be a true expedition with uncertainty and unknowns around every bend. Will we make it or will we have to turn around? Be prepared with extra fuel and provisions as we could be away from civilization for nearly the entire trip. This trip is only suitable for well equipped vehicles. Contact Us To Reserve Your Date >>>

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