View Full Version : Freestanding Punching Bag - the Wavemaster by Century

07-25-2021, 10:26 AM
SOLD on fb

Will be missed, but hope to find it a good new home, as I almost never even touch this anymore.

No pictures yet, but I am sure you can look it up online to see exactly what I am selling. It is the black one.

There are seven height settings, from 47 to 68
The large bag section is 24 tall, with a 13 diameter.

Filled with some sand(not full), but water could be used instead. The amount you use can bring the weight up 270#
However it can still be moved easily by tilting on the round base and rolling(like a full barrel)

This is 1st/original freestanding heavy bag, that is the most popular, and still considered to be the best.

$180 for a new one.
$100 for this lightly used one.