Overlanding/Off-Road 101/102 Class Session

Planning for the 2017 Session is in the works and will be posted soon.
No Experience Necessary! Beginners welcome! Learn how to use your vehicle’s off-road features in a controlled environment under skilled instruction.

1: Your vehicle must have a working 4LO, Low Range, shifter, knob, or button. If you are unsure if you have this, please email with your vehicle year make and model and we will confirm. info@exploringnh.com

2: You must have a working/charged FRS radio (walkie talkie). These are available pretty much anywhere. From Ninja Turtles walkie talkies for kids to hunting radios, they are all pretty much the same. Walmart has some “Frozen” themed ones for $20/pair. Dicks Sporting Goods has plenty. Amazon has these Midland FRS radios (pair) which are really popular for $23.

Topics Include:

4WD, 4HI, 4LO: What each mode does and when to use it.

How to make the most out of what you have: Factory installed equipment, factory traction control systems, small modifications that help, and a glimpse into possible future vehicle modifications.

Driving techniques: On road considerations, off-road techniques, how different terrain will require a change to your driving style, load out, lockers, Low-range, 4×4, ground clearance, how skid plates and sliders change your off-road actions, more.

Tires: Why the BFG KO2 in 255/85/16 and run at 31.5psi is the absolute best tire in all conditions, in all parts of the world, for every single vehicle ever made….Or maybe we will discuss why no one has found the perfect tire and the considerations you should make when choosing the right tire for your application. Also covered are tire pressures for on and off road, airing down for rough road or off-road travel, sidewall failures, patching/plugging a puncture, spare tire considerations, and more.

Recovery techniques: MaxTrax, solo recovery, multiple vehicle recovery, safe winching, winch rigging for complex pulls, alternative solo recovery techniques, Hi-Lift jacks, recovery straps/rope, shackles, soft shackles, more.

Communication: Off-Road communications, different types of radios (HAM, CB, FRS, etc.), off-road spotting techniques, trail surveying with your co-pilot.

Navigation: How to find legal offroad trails, route planning, GPS devices, phone apps, mapping software, hard copy maps.

Preserving and Securing access to the outdoors: How to keep lands open for overland use, how to secure future access, Tread Lightly!, talking with land owners, talking with police and other authorities, ensuring access for not only our generation but generations to follow.



This is a very personal and informal style of event while at the same time remaining structured. All instruction will be “small group” style and everyone will receive plenty of quality time with multiple instructors covering multiple topics.

Instruction will have a HEAVY focus on off-road or poor-road driving techniques and recovery. Hands-on courses/instruction will include Winching, Hi-lift Jacks, MaxTrax, Communication, Spotting, Recovery, Tread Lightly!, and more, all with overland usage scenarios in mind. This is not hardcore off-roading by any means. We have NO AFFILIATION or dependence on vendors for this event so all reviews, insights, and information are completely impartial and based on real world experience from people who have used these products.



When: TBD


Cost: TBD

Location: Backwoods Farm, Rumney NH
Start Time: 10am Saturday
Finish Time: 4pm Saturday

Trail Difficulty:Suitable for ALL vehicles with a Low Range/4LO mode. If unsure, please contact before the event with year make and model of vehicle.