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  • Making a '03-'06 hardtop plug into '97-'02 TJ Wrangler

    I purchased a hardtop from an '04 for my previously equipped '02, thinking that any TJ top would fit, and it did, but it would not plug directly into the existing wiring.
    Now sure the easiest thing to do would have been to simply purchase one of those conversion/adapter plugs, but they are over $100! Or I could have rewired a complete new wiring harness in to covert over to the newer style plug to keep it all factory, but they were well over $130 for the kit. I decided I wanted something cheaper. So I had to do a little more work than simply "plug-and-play", but it was no where near the work of redoing everything by rewiring my Jeep and only cost me $35.

    The problem:This didn't fit into that.

    The solution: Purchase 05013984AA

    This kit got me the correct plug.

    I then found a couple of diagrams to show me what wire does what and where they go.

    I used my own wire tap splice connectors(5) and then three 12 gauge wires, two 18 gauge wires, one vacant insert, and the plug from the purchased kit. The wires already have the proper blade terminal installed on one end.

    I spliced in to be able to keep both plugs on the Wrangler, so I could use any year TJ hardtop('97-'06)

    First, remove the grey plastic cover and the red rubber seal from the plug.

    Next, by using the diagrams, insert the vacant insert where it need to go. Then go ahead and insert the non-blade terminal end of the proper gauge wires in the correct locations into the the red rubber seal first, then grey plastic cover(facing the correct direction), and finally inserting the blade terminals into the black plug. Please take the time to make sure you have it right before inserting the blades into the plug.

    Then splice into the appropriate wires and electrical taped up the splices and the new wires as well. I also put the factory loom back on as well and used some dielectric grease in the terminals.

    So now not only do I have a hardtop, but I have the wiring to make any year TJ hardtop have a working rear wiper and rear defrost on my Jeep as well. Hopefully after reading this, you can too.

    Thank you for reading.
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